DPF Legalities

DPF Legalities does this effect you?

DPF Update – 16th December

A couple of weeks have now passed since the DPF removal issue has kicked off.   This news item is to summarise where we are and our understanding of the situation.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed their ideas.

  • There is no doubt that DPF removal is now considered illegal by the Government, despite no actual law being passed to make it such!
  • The information appears to have been crudely tacked together, by a junior official mainly in response to pressure from the lobbying group called Clean Air for London.  It also appears that this lobbying group themselves recommend Ceramex, a Unipart company, that provides a national DPF cleaning service!!  Make you own assumptions!
  • At no time has the needs of the consumer been taken into account.
  • There appears to be no study done of the complete emissions cycle, including regeneration. This is something we are trying to get data on.
  • Regarding the changes to the MOT in February
  1. These are yet to be defined
  2. To be brought in so quickly suggests that they will be very simple, quick visual check
  3. MOT changes are not normally applied retrospectively
  4. We believe the check can only be visual, as to be able to check diagnostically would be virtually impossible and require substantial investment. MOT fee going up, etc.
  • Given that DPFs were only mandatory from 1st January 2008, then its arguable its acceptable for earlier DPFs these to be removed, however we will try and gain clarification for you.

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