Mobile Eco Tuning Guarantee

  • MobilECOtuning offer an unbeatable service when it comes to professional engine tuning. The remapping services available through MobileECOtuning repesent one the best on the market, providing significant results that safely work in harmony with your vehicle engine. All our remaps are tailored to each vehicle providing only the best results.


Provided Services

Each engine remap which MobileECOtuning provide comes with the following as standard

14 day money-back guarantee

  • Here at MobileECOtuning we offer a 14 day money back guarantee with each remap that we carry out. If you are not 100% satisfied with the service provided, we will return your vehicle to standard within this 14 day trial period with a refund. General conditions apply.

‘Green Zone’ remaps

  • MobileECOtuning ensures that engine manufacturer tolerances are respected when remapping your vehicle. Each custom remap that we provide is done so within the tolerance levels of your specific vehicle’s engine, within what we call the ‘green zone’.

Only customised remaps

  • Every single engine tuning remap we sell is uniquely processed for your specific vehicle. We only work from the original files which are already within your vehicles ECU. This ensures that we provide you with only the best results. MobileECOtuning do not use generic library files like certain cheaper service operators due to the potential risks associated with them.

Largest vehicle list on market

  • MobileECOtuning provide one of the largest lists available for vehicles which can be remapped. This list is being added to on a weekly basis so do not despair if you cannot find your specific model! We may be able to remap it anyhow. Not only do we specialise in engine tuning for the big German names, but we cover a large majority of modern vehicles found on the roads in Europe.

Fast and efficient service

  • Our engine-tuning service is a straight forward process. Once your local MobileECOtuning technician is on-site, he will be required to retrieve a file from the vehicle ECU which will then be optimised by our in-house technical experts. Once that file has been optimised by our team, it will be uploaded to the vehicle ECU. This process is carried out remotely via the OBD plug which ensures that the ECU itself does not have to be physically handled. The whole remapping process outlined here takes on average less than an hour.

Conditions of the 14 day money-back guarantee

MobileECOTuning offer a 14 day  money-back guarantee with each remap which we provide. If you are not 100% satisfied with the service, we will return your vehicle to standard and offer a refund of the purchase price. The following conditions apply :

  • You will be requested to provide a copy of the MobileECOtuning payment receipt to the technician returning your vehicle to standard. This will have been provided to you at the time of the remap and will serve as proof that your vehicle was remapped by MobileECOtuning.
  • You will be requested to take your vehicle to your nearest MobileECOtuning technician at your cost, in order to have it returned to standard. If you require our technician to come to you, there will be an appropriate charge.
  • Your vehicle will be returned to its original state before it received the remap.
  • You will receive a refund of the full purchase price less a £85.00 charge to cover technician time costs

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