Speed Limit Removal

Speed Limiter

  • If your looking to introduce a speed limiter to a vehicle or remove an existing limiter we can cater for Trucks, Vans and cars.  Using dealer level equipment this will be carried out to factory standards.  If you own a VW and have been quoted for a new Engine Control Module to remove the current limiter, we can cater for this also without the need to replace.  Again, a service not many can boast.


How It Works ?

  • The driver activates the system by using switches on the steering wheel
  • The speed limit can be raised or lowered by 3 mph increments
  • The system works by smoothly limiting fuel supply to the engine when the pre-set speed limit is reached
  • If speed increases because of a steep gradient, audio and visuals warnings are given
  • If the driver needs to overtake a vehicle, the system can be temporarily over-ridden by pressing the accelerator firmly

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